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And find the respective information about the method call printed in logs:. For everyday needs, most of us read logs using Android Monitor inside Android Studio. It works fine for the simple cases, but we note several trade-offs with this approach:. As a solution to this problem, we can use another tool by Jake Wharton — pidcat. The main benefits of it are:.

The most common and obvious way to read your app network interaction logs is to use the log output from your HTTP client library. However, this approach has several trade-offs:.

Android Best Practices

These type of tools can provide the following functionality, wrapping your app as a black box:. As mentioned in comment by Nahuel Barrios another alternative for network traffic monitoring could be Facebook Stetho.

This might sound like a Captain Obvious tip — but I catching these bugs regularly during testing. The most common bugs you can discover this way are touch feedback and system colors issues. We often saw app crashes on older APIs due to some compatibility issues. It can be quite annoying if you have three to four test devices and you need to go through a regression plan with 30 scenarios.

The first step of automation we can do is typing adb commands or even whole scripts to not interact with the device by hand every time. For example, adb shell input keyevent 4 will submit a UP button press to the connected test device. This way you can pass system key press, keyboard input, and screen touch. But what do you do if you have three devices for the same test scenario?

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We use adb-ninja script by Roman Nurik to submit commands to several devices simultaneously. Even experienced developers sometimes follow outdated configuration practices.

The ultimate Android development guide: 50+ beginner and expert resources

In this post we discussed 10 tips to increase the efficiency of your everyday developer work and build high quality apps following my talk at Droidcon Berlin The full version of slides was published at Speakerdeck. This blog post was also published Zalando Tech Blog. Sign in. Get started. Submit Archive About Events. Best Practices for Android Developer Productivity.

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Sergii Zhuk Follow. Sergii Zhuk sergiizhuk Twitter. The latest Tweets from Sergii Zhuk sergiizhuk. Berlin, Germany. ProAndroidDev Follow. Users and people, for that matter , always appreciate being heard. Studying your competition prior to launching your own Android app is imperative for having a contextual understanding of what you should expect. Research the revenues that your competitors are driving via their apps, and set incremental, time-based revenue goals for your own product.

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This research should, in turn, help you to put a price on your Android app. It should go without being said that you should tirelessly test your Android app prior to launching it. Consider taking an Agile approach to development, and testing for each phase of the development process in order to underline the tweaks, fixes, and possible bugs that must be accounted for. Taking your time to thoroughly test and improve your app is always preferable to rushing development, and releasing a solution that users will only grow frustrated with.

Nothing frustrates modern users more than using an application that takes too long to open or process, or that takes up unnecessary storage on their devices. The speed with which your application operates, and the space that it requires, are both important factors in deciding if the solution will be a success or not. Eliminate unnecessary objects, features, and capabilities in order to keep your app lean and nimble.

New Android apps are released every day, which makes launching a successful app that stands out from the crowd a challenge for any Android app developer.

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Following the best practices above will put you in the most advantageous position possible as you look to roll out a disruptive application that people love. Our team of experienced Android app developers at Koombea has the expertise necessary to build winning solutions that users truly love interacting with.

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Get in Touch. Android App Development Best Practices 1. Stay up to date on the latest Android trends. Do your best to understand the Android App Market. Reserve the name of your Android app. Prioritize the design of your app. Actively participate in developer communities.

How to Know if Your App Is in the Background or Foreground

Collect and act on feedback from users. Thoroughly research your competition. Test your Android app as often as you can. Fully optimize your Android app.